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I have always been a big fan of goldfish, it’s probably because I started my first venture into the fish world by having goldfish as my pet. Unfortunately I had to give that up, at my later primary school days when we moved to another state due to my dad’s job posting.

Now, years later our path crossed again when I got involved in aquaponics. Goldfish make perfect aquaponics fish in that they are always willing to eat and produce a good amount of excretion, hence nitrate for the plants to thrive on. And they are a pretty hardy fish, depending on the species you choose which fits perfectly for the job.


Aquaponics Fish TanksThere are specific considerations to look out for when choosing aquaponics fish tanks for your system. One very important point to take note of is the fish tanks size in correlation to your growbed.

Now, if you have been following my articles or blog posts, my recommendation is and has always been 1:2, growbed to fish tank ratio. In some cases 1:1 depending on the aquaponics fish species you have chosen. Anyway, here’s a brief guide you can use to help you pick the right aquaponics fish tanks.

Aquaponics Fish Tanks Guide

Waterproof – Well, naturally the tank must be watertight. If you have opted for a used tank, it is important to do a leak check. This simply means filling up the tank with water. Inspect for any water leak or wet surfaces on the tank resulting from a leak…you know. Should there be leaks, just use marine grade silicone or rubber gaskets to seal them.

Sturdy – It must be strong enough to withstand the total mass weight of water that acts against it. Bear in mind that 1liter of water weighs in at around 1kg. So, if you have a 200 liters of water that’s 200kg in weight acting against the fish tank. And there’s also the pressure form flowing water as well to be considered.

Toxic Free – It is critical that your aquaponics fish tank is does not consist of toxic material that is detrimental to your fish or to the plants. This is especially true if you have chosen a used tank for your aquaponics fish tank. This is absolutely fine, just make sure it is clean of toxic substances, and that it had not been used to contain any toxic substances before.

Must Be Neutral – Ensure that the material of your aquaponics tank does not affect the pH or chemical balance of your system. It is recommended not to use metal containers. This is because metal containers tend to rust or corrode and the corrosion produced will greatly affect the water chemical balance of your aquaponics system.


Best Fish For Aquaponics

This is one of the most asked questions is, what’s the best fish for aquaponics? And this is a very valid question in view of the importance this has on the sustainability of an aquaponics system. One of the most important criteria here is that the fish species in question must produce sufficient ‘poo’ to sustain the aquaponics plants. Adding to that, the aquaponics fish species selected has got to be hardy yet tasty enough to be served as dinner.

Tilapia and Trout are definitely two of the more popular fish for aquaponics. As they are reputable for being hardy, fast growing and great tasting fish. Nevertheless, there is really no best fish for aquaponics per say really. This is mainly because there are determining factors to be considered in choosing the right aquaponics fish for your system.