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aquaponics design and tipsPlanning is “key” to building a long-term, efficient and effective aquaponics design. This is especially true when you’re a newbie to aquaponics. It may not be easy when you are just starting out to build your first system. Well, to give you a hand here are the top 5 tips to help you get going.

1) Media-Based Design – For Beginners

Basically there are three main aquaponics system designs for growing plants. They are the NFT (nutrient film technique), DWC (deep-water culture) and the media-based design. NFT and DWC are mainly borrowed from hydroponics. The similarities are obvious if you are familiar with hydroponics system and they do cost are a little bit more.

Media based designs are highly recommended for beginners due to the fact that they are easier understand and learn. They are also cheaper with less parts to handle and build. The media bed does a all in one function.

It does not only breaks down solids and ammonia in the system, the media bed also acts as a bio-filter keeping the water clean. And above all, the media bed is also the base where the plants grow. You can say that it takes on the duty of soil in traditional gardening.