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There have been very interesting mini aquaponics system designs in recent years, some are good and some, not so. But these few systems that I’m going to run you by, have caught my interest recently, and for good reasons. They’re ready made systems that are easy to set up, practical designs and reasonably priced plug and play package. Best thing is, they make great hobbies for your kids and even better festive gifts.

I have been toying around with a few of the systems recently and here are my comments on some of the systems that got my interest;

Back To The Roots Water Garden System

Water Garden Mini Aquaponics SystemThe genius of this very system is that it requires zero experience to set up. The growbed and fish tank comes built-in with the package. All you need to do is fill the fish tank with water, hook up the pump, set-up the planter with growstones and sprinkle the seeds. Within a couple of days you will begin to see sprouts pushing their way out to greet you.

This award-winning system also comes with a “100% Guaranteed To Grow” promise. There’s also a no questions asked, money back guarantee is the aquafarm does not grow.  I mean it’s a sure win system, you’ve got nothing to lose here.The package comes with custom made Grow Pods (now with 2x the grow space) that are designed for easy planting and harvesting. This to me makes a perfect gift or even better, a classroom project. Follow this link to find out more…


This week I would like to touch on a popular aquaponics system, called the CHOP system. CHOP stands for Constant Height One Pump and it’s popularly used by aquaponics enthusiasts the world over. It’s a variation of a CHIFT PIST system really, or an improved version you may. CHIFT PIST stand for Constant Height In Fish Tank, Pump In Sump Tank”.


CHOP System

A typical CHOP or CHIFT PIST system consists of a growbed, fish tank and a sump tank as shown in the image above. The water pump in the sump tank continuously pushes water to the fish tank and water is gravity fed to the growbed. System water is then drained back to the sump tank via an auto-siphon.


Hydroponics Vs Aquaponics
There have been debates and inquiries on the benefits and just how Aquaponics is better compared to Hydroponics and vice-verse. Today I attempt to clear the clouds, so to speak by writing this article on Hydroponics vs Aquaponics.



To begin with, Hydroponics is a very recent technology comparatively. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. The system uses mineral nutrient solutions as fertilizers for the plants to feed on and is really a subset of hydroculture. Plants are grown with their roots exposed to the mineral nutrient solution or in a medium, such as perlite, gravel, biochar, mineral wool, expanded clay pebbles or coconut husk biochar, gravel, perlite, coconut husk, mineral wool or even hydroton (expanded clay pebbles).


Aquaponic systems is the birth of
traditional aquaculture and Aquaponics Systemshydroponics put into one. Both systems complement each other in terms of their advantages and disadvantages creating a symbiotic relationship.

Well, to put it simply it is the growing of plants and fish together in an environment where the fish waste is used for fertilizers
for the plants and the plants in return filter the nitrate rich water, making it safe for the fish. And the cycle goes on maintaining a synergistic effect for an aquaponics system with the help of course from the nitriting and nitrating bacteria as part of the bio-filter.

Types Of Aquaponics Systems

Media Filled Beds

Media filled beds use containers or
growbeds filled with media to grow Aquaponics Systemplants. The media is normally made out of expanded clay or more commonly known as hydroton, river stones, lava rocks or similar materials. Media Filled bed is the most popular aquaponics system at home.

In these set-ups, a water pump or an aquarium pump is normally used to push water over the media filled beds where the plants grow. Media filled beds aquaponics systems come in continuous water flow systems or flood and drain systems.


Maintaining Your Aquaponics SystemOne of the main reasons why people get hooked on to aquaponics is the fact that it needs minimal maintenance compared to conventional ways of agriculture. Nevertheless, there are some routine chores that one should do in order to ensure a continuously flourishing aquaponics system.

Today I have outlined some of these chores to maintain your aquaponics system and of course as aquaponics goes, they are simple to do and require minimal time to perform.