Grow Organic Food With Backyard Aquaponics

Organic Vegetables

Why do you need to grow your own organic food? Well, I have listed out five of what I think are the most compelling reasons why. Best of all you can do that with backyard aquaponics. Yes, you can easily construct an aquaponics setup right at your very own backyard.

Why Grow Organic Food?

1.  More Nutritious And Tastier Food! 

Studies have shown that organically grown food packs more nutrients and minerals than compared to conventionally grown crops. They are tastier too.

2.  Money Saving

Naturally, growing your own food would save you a whole lot on your grocery bill. It also goes a long way in getting you the extra exercise and exudes the calming effect to your mind, body and soul.

most leafy plants are suitable

3.  Keep Your Family Safe

The food choices you make will have direct impact to your child’s future. The average child’s exposure to cancer-causing food pesticides is four time greater than that of adults.

4.  Energy Saving

Just by growing your own food in the city, you are already cutting down on pollution and transportation costs. And if you are growing your organic food with backyard aquaponics, you’ll be saving at least 90% on water consumption.

5.  Keep Chemicals Away From Your Plate

With organics farming you keep cancer causing chemicals away from your food. There’s a research done in 1987 by the National Academy of Sciences that shows an estimated 4 million cancer cases in America, that might have been caused by pesticides. What do you think about that?

Backyard Aquaponics

Aquaponics Fish And Plants

Building a backyard aquaponics system is easy to get done. You’ll find most if not all the needed tools and supplies out of your neighborhood hardware store. The other option will be to shop for DIY aquaponics kits and assemble them yourself. Backyard aquaponics is great if you have limited space; and considering growing their own greens and edible fish to go along with.

Realistically, aquaponics could very well be split into two different systems. This is also true with regards to home aquaponics systems in fact. The key difference comes by way of how the plants are supported.

Media-filled Bed Backyard Aquaponics

Why don’t we begin with the system that utilizes a media to support its plants. This media normally comes in the likes of lava rocks, river stones, LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Agregade) or even more also known as hydroton and and so forth.

Aquaponics Media

You will discover not very much you can’t grow on a media platform, you may grow just about anything. Where you are, climate conditions, the space that you have as well as the method of water flow you have decided, are mainly the limitations in your aquaponics system.

DWC Backyard Aquaponics

Yet another popular backyard aquaponics system is definitely the Deep Water Culture system if not more often called the DWC or the raft system. DWC is mainly applied in commercial scale organic vegetation production, however its functioning concepts have been used in home aquaponics systems as well.

Aquaponics DWC

In backyard aquaponics systems nonetheless, DWC guidelines will definitely be integrated though in a significantly smaller scale needless to say, to fit the home environment. A basic DWC system design includes a floating platform, more often than not foams are being used.

Plants would be held by the foam with its roots left dangling in the water to extract nutrients. So now, whichever system you want to work with, you will need all these core materials to get started. To begin with, you need to get a fish tank to grow your fish to produce the nutrient or nitrate in which the plants love and strive on.

Aquaponics Fish Tank

The fish tank may well be an existing aquarium or water container you may already have stacked away in your garage. If you don’t, you can acquire a plastic water tank or perhaps even build one yourself, ideally two feet deep at least. Your fish will be a lot happier that way.

Aquaponics Growbed

This takes us to the next component, the grow-bed. Grow-bed is the term used for the area or space where the plants propagate. The same, you may source for an unused tank from home, build or purchase one.

diy from home

Aquaponics Pump And Connections

The next component you will need is a water pump to transfer water from the fish tank into your grow bed. You can most certainly use a normal aquarium submersible pump to do the job, absolutely nothing fancy is necessary. As long as it can pump a good amount of water right up to the grow-bed, it is good enough.

The final thing you’ll need now is some PVC piping. This is to be used for the supply line; from the pump to the grow-bed. Plus a drainage via the grow-bed, to gravity feed water back to the fish tank. After you have got your backyard aquaponics system set up, the next thing you need to do is determining just what fish and plants to grow.

You’ll have to give some thought to how big is your fish tank to determine the suitable quantity and species of fish for your system. You will also have to take into account weather conditions in your location. As this will help decide the plants to go with the fish in your system.

The idea of designing a backyard aquaponics system can get especially exciting and that certainly is wise with all the many benefits that come with it. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to do your research, start small then progressively scale up from that point as you acquire the experience if you decide to.

Do a bit of research or perhaps even invest in an aquaponics publication which is able to present you with step-by-step precise guide and useful advice to help you get up and running.

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