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Aquaponics System

Home aquaponics is becoming a lot more acceptable as a means to grow organic food in recent years. And it’s popularity is spreading towards the south pacific region as well. This is no surprise since the advantages of getting an aquaponics system in your house are just phenomenal.

One good example is the fact that you’d safe 90% of water that you would normally need to water the same amount of vegetation in a conventional garden or plantation. And on top of that, you will be saving time and labor building your personal home aquaponics system. This is because the fish will take care of the plants for you.

Adding to that, plants grown in aquaponics systems tend to grow bigger and faster too, compared to conventionally methods. This has been documented to be a fact. Also to finish it off, you will have yourself a naturally grown and healthy organic food.

Before setting up the aquaponics system…

But before getting into creating a home aquaponics system there are a few factors you should consider. I will explore them with you today, but not to worry, it doesn’t need the moon and the stars to build one.

Well to begin with, let me just say that it doesn’t cost a lot to build one yourself. You would most probably already have the tools to do the job anyway. And you can get most of the materials in your local hardware store.

Nevertheless, there’s a small investment needed to construct and run a functional home aquaponics system. Additionally, it’s a good idea to read up on additional information and research on aquaponics to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge so that you would not run into surprises.

Home Aquaponics – Points To Consider

  • Location – This is critical to your home aquaponics set up. Will it be located indoor or outdoor? If it’s outdoor, what is the weather conditions of your geo-location? Would you need a greenhouse? Is it be better to locate it indoors instead? Would you need a heater or lighting? These are questions you must ask when deciding where to locate your aquaponis system,
  • Space – typically a home aquaponics system does not take up too much of space. A 100 gal cylindrical fish tank and a 50 litre fish tank would only take up about 12 square feet of space.
  • Fish tank – Naturally, this is where the fish will grow, providing nutrients for your plants.
  • Growbed – This is where the plants grow. The choice is wide to what you can grow, especially if you are using a media-filled growbed. Your weather conditions will limit you on plants and fish choices.
  • Water pumps and pipings – You will require them to pump water from the fish tank to the growbed and drain water from the growbed back to the fish tank again.
  • pH testing kit – This is needed in order to perform periodic water ph readings to make sure your system is running healthy. This is especially true during the initial phase of your home aquaponics system.
  • Growbed – If you are considering a media-filled growbed, LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Agregade), small river stones and lava rocks would be the popular choices mainly for their ph neutral characteristics and LECA for its lightweight other qualities.

There you have it, all the important factors you need to consider when starting your aquaponics system. Take the seven points above as your checklist if you may, and you will not go wrong. You can find more information on how you can build your own home aquaponics here.

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