Home DIY Aquaponics Package – Supplies Recommendation

Due to popular demand, I have gone around on the internet in search for reliable suppliers for our Home DIY Aquaponics Package. Well, my search has finally landed me on to Amazon.com. They sell almost anything online and is reputable for their service and deliveries. What better choice right…

Now, for you who are into purchasing online, here are the aquaponics supplies that I have found suitable for our 1:2, 50 gallon growbed to 100 gallon fish tank ratio system.

Let’s start off with the;

Water Pump

This pump is most suitable for our system use. Though the at 120 GPH, and the head is 4′. I know this is much higher than required for our system, but the flow is adjustable via its adjustable input flow-rate screen. Or you just open your aeration valve more to bypass the flow.

This will also increase the oxygen level in your aquaponics system which is all the better. There are also 2 outlet adaptors for 1/4″ & 1/2″ inside diameter tubing. Click on the image for more information.

50 Gallon Growbed

This tank is perfect for a growbed with a proper depth of 12″. It is also tough and long-lasting durability for all kinds of weather conditions and extremes. Measures 52-inches length by 12-inches height just nice for an aquaponics growbed. Click on the picture for more info.

The Aquabundance tank (in brown), is a built for aquaponics growbed. They cost more but are really durable and hardy. They also comes with Media Guard and Flood and Drain plumbing fittings. The black one is good enough but if you want something better go for the AquaBundance variant.


LECA (Hydroton)
Here are some different choices of hydroton that come in packs of 50 and 45 liters and also in smaller packs. 50 liters is the right choice here for our system…but it’s your call.


Aquaponics Fish Tank

Here are some 100 gallon fish tanks that I have matched with the 50 gallon growbeds above to make a 1:2 growbed to fish tank ratio aquaponics design (click on any of the images to find tank of different sizes). Or if you fancy, you could opt for the DIY Aquaponics kit by AquaBundance.


1″ Bulkhead

Fresh Water Test Kits

The “API Freshwater Master Test Kit” is my choice when it comes to testing aquaponics water chemistry. But the test strips (API 5 in 1 Test Strips) is a good enough alternative. They are convenient to use and is easy on the wallet 🙂 It may lack clarity between readings at times, but so does the Master Kit.

Fishless Cycling Kits

I am a strong advocate to cycling aquaponics systems with fish, but if you opt for fishless cycling here are some products that come highly recommended.

The AquaCycle variant comes without the thermometer and API Freshwater Master Test Kit. The AquaStart variant however comes with everything included. Both variants accommodate to different system sizes hence, the price difference.

A tip though…if you don’t need the thermometer, you can always get the API Freshwater Master Test Kit + any of the AquaCycle Kit for a much cheaper price.


Chelated Iron, Ammonia, Nitrifying Bacteria & De-chlorinator


Aquaponics Fish Feeds
I’ve found some suitable fish feeds for your aquaponics fish. The AquaNourish variant (the first image to the left) can be easily crushed to smaller pieces to be fed to fries or fingerlings.

The second one is suitable for juvenile fish. The third is for intermediate size, 3 to 4 inches long if it’s Tilapia, Koi, Catfish, Bluegil and the like. The last is suitable for adult fish that are 6″ or longer.


Aquaponics Grow Lights
Here are are some grow lights you can use. You can either choose the T5 lights or the LED variant which may cost more but saves on your electricity bill in the long run, and they hardly fail.


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