Top 4 Mini Aquaponics System Made Easy

There have been very interesting mini aquaponics system designs in recent years, some are good and some, not so. But these few systems that I’m going to run you by, have caught my interest recently, and for good reasons. They’re ready made systems that are easy to set up, practical designs and reasonably priced plug and play package. Best thing is, they make great hobbies for your kids and even better festive gifts.

I have been toying around with a few of the systems recently and here are my comments on some of the systems that got my interest;

Back To The Roots Water Garden System

Water Garden Mini Aquaponics SystemThe genius of this very system is that it requires zero experience to set up. The growbed and fish tank comes built-in with the package. All you need to do is fill the fish tank with water, hook up the pump, set-up the planter with growstones and sprinkle the seeds. Within a couple of days you will begin to see sprouts pushing their way out to greet you.

This award-winning system also comes with a “100% Guaranteed To Grow” promise. There’s also a no questions asked, money back guarantee is the aquafarm does not grow.  I mean it’s a sure win system, you’ve got nothing to lose here.The package comes with custom made Grow Pods (now with 2x the grow space) that are designed for easy planting and harvesting. This to me makes a perfect gift or even better, a classroom project. Follow this link to find out more…

Fin To Flower – Mini Aquaponics System

Fin To Flower – Aquaponics SystemThis is a simple and compact system that is built with quality. It is “Hand Made” in the USA and comes with Lifetime Warranty on all systems. That covers workmanship, materials and no leaks, now you do not get that kind of warranty often these days and that’s why I just love it!

The system dimensions comes in 9″ x 9″ and 11″ tall with 2 gallon water capacity for plant grow beds and fish tank. Fin To Flower also offers a bigger, 5 gallon system if that is what you are looking for. You can find out more about both of the mini aquaponics system by following the link here…

AquaSprouts Garden – Mini Aquaponics System

AquaSprouts Garden SystemThis is a bigger 10 gallon system. This is also a plug and play system like the systems I have commented above. The functionality is pretty much the same too, but what I like most about this system is that it is just simply stylish.What I love about it though, is that the setup comes with a built-in, grow light holder…amazing!

The Aquasprouts Garden mini aquaponics system incorporates all you need to turn a standard 10 gallon aquarium (about 20″ x 10″ x 20″) into an ecosystem that is self-sustaining using the aquaponics operating principles. Learn more about it here…

ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System

ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System for allThis is one of my favourite mini aquaponics systems, simply because, to me it has the proper size to grow some serious plant or herbs for use in your kitchen. The system fits a 20 gallon aquarium with 12″ x 20″ foot print. It also comes with advanced, programmable LED lights.

There are 4 grow settings to help plants grow faster yet energy efficient. The remote control, and built-in timer offer you the most effective and easy to use option.

You will also find instructional videos (like the one above), email and a phone support dial-in number in case you have questions that need immediate answers to. This system actually makes a good, getting to now aquaponics tool for all ages. It is of course, excellent for classroom projects to keep the kids interested. Find out more about it here…

The featured mini aquaponics systems here are good for a home or office set-up. They are intricate enough for the serious aquarium hobbyist, yet easy enough for beginners to have a go in the aquaponics world. The systems also fit as functional and beautiful home decor.

Perfect for any school and classroom projects, this system is actually great for basic biology introduction to elementary students. And for older students however, this is a good study into understanding how our ecosystem works. The unique symbiotic relationship between the fish and the plants in aquaponics is a great eye opener for many. I know I was, when I first got to know about aquaponics 🙂

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