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  1. Mahesh Gopalakrishnan

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested in developing this system so kindly let me know how can i get all the details of this.

    Thanking you,

  2. Hello! I’m interested in setting up an aquaponics system, and an aquarist suggested I use pearlscale goldfish for my indoor system. I’m trying to find out how heavy pearlscales get so that I know what maximum area I should have for my growbeds. Do you know to what weight they can grow?

    1. Hi Gibbs, thank you for writing in. A search on google reveals that Pearl goldfish can grow up to a maximum size of 23 inches and 9.9 pounds (4.5kg) in weight. But that is very rare though, but you can expect anything half the above size and weight. Take that as your guide and you’ll be good 🙂

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